Saturday, February 2, 2008


Seriously. SO hard not to just post a picture of the Gorillaz 'Murdoc' in my place. But I resisted.

Pretty happy with this one actually, late as it is.

Your thoughts...?


Mark said...

Way to pwn our asses murdoch. you punk. :P

Aaron said...

brown jacket? Awesome job man!

Freckles said...

Hey Murdoch you think you can post whatever you want whenever you want to? Well you can... and it looks good....Damn good....I like the face a lot.

Stephanie Ramón said...

Very nice! I like how you kept Murdoc's signature tongue and used Russel's eyes.
But without those I don't know if I would be able to identify your character as something from the Gorillaz catalogue . . . mainly because your signature tapering and pointy edges.
If you look at Hewlett's stuff for the most part; arms, legs and torsos stay straight-they dont progressively get wider or narrower. The fingers too: Not pointy, but blunt with fingernails.
I hope that's useful!

Sevenstrokes said...

Nice job Murdoch! I also really like the jacket. The colouring is sharp too.