Friday, February 1, 2008

Gorilliaz Entry

Hey everyone, here is my entry. Where are my legs? the lower chair? the CPU??? NO ONE KNOWS! :o It was tougher than I thought it'd be! Maybe I'll have to try again later. Nice topic Frankie.

Edit: I updated it so that I now have a lower body.

Here is Mercedes's awesome sketch of herself that she created at distressing speed!


Frankie Stellato said...

Nice one guys! Yeah Pete I found this topic to be really hard as well. Looks like you had some fun with this one too. Although like many of us I don't think you quite nailed the style. I didn't either its a tough one. And I think if you added the table legs as well as your own, it would have given it a more complete feel. Maybe just a quick crop?

Sadies, looks like you nailed the style pretty good! Looks like you and everything lol Colours! COOOLLOUUURRRSSS!!! :P

Mark said...

Nice job pete, I think the table legs and your own could have helped but I dont think its that big a deal.

Sadies, that's just exceptional. lol.

Red Menace said...

Yeah man, I agree with the other fella's, your missing lower torso raises issues! You shoulda just continued that desk over your lower half!

The line quality is a bit messy and the face needs more Gorillaz edge, maybe screw up the teeth, or get yourself looking more crazed or something!

Sevenstrokes said...

Thanks for the feedback guys!