Friday, January 18, 2008



Dave Dind said...

Uh oh, Rob's floating in a blood orange void and doesn't look to happy about it! What makes for "good void" reading btw? "How to keep yourself occupied while in a void"? "17 things to do while in a void"? Details! lol

I think that your style is coming through a bit strong on this piece, making it harder to see the Gorillaz influence. If I didn't know that this was supposed to be in the Gorillaz style, it'd be hard to figure out against your other work!

You know, looking at my Gorillaz illustration now, I can see that the BG isn't really in the Gorillaz style. It WAS more of an afterthought than the character was, which I strove to keep in the Gorillaz style, but I should've gone a bit crazier. Oh well, ce la vie!

Frankie Stellato said...

I Agree with Dave on this one Rob. Although it is a nice drawing, it doesn't come across Gorillaz. It comes across as Rob. All the same nice piece.

Alter-Ego said...

ya your both right. I guess i just didnt take as far as it could have gone. but thanks for the honest critsism.

i love you guys (sniff, snifff) lol

Mark said...

good drawing nonetheless though. Rob are you growing a beard?

Red Menace said...

Very nice colour scheme man, playing the cools against the warms, makes it really jump out!
You got the Gorillaz fingers pretty nicely (knarly knuckles!)

The pose itself is kinda plain, I think that'd be the biggest thing to think about if you were to do another!