Monday, November 5, 2007

Jeanette and I just finished this twist on halloween cards two days before I found out about Line it up! Was it ESP on my part or what? Anyway, I'm still going to do something officially for the topic, but I thought that this might get the juices going :D

I did the Jack, Joker, and the suit symbols, while Jeanette did the King, Queen, and the backing for the cards (the backing is AWESOME imo), along with setting up the cards for printing.

So there ya have it! Get on your horses!


UPDATE!! Here's my first official entry for Line it Up: Teeny the tiny streaking goblin! If any ladies out there are interested, he enjoys long walks under the fridge, jumping out and surprising people while in the buff, and eating stuff that falls under the fridge! Teeny can only be reached through Dave D., since he lives under Dave's fridge and doesn't have a phone of his own.