Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"did i miss haloween.....~~~?"

When i see the word "ghoul" from Frankie's "instruction", i suddenly think of The Ring... :P


Dave Dind said...

Creepy! I think you could've made her scarier if her face was covered up like Sadoko's (sp) from the film ;) Maybe just one freaky eye showing! Ah! I'm freaked out already!

Lovely work Alex!

Frankie Stellato said...

Nice one Alex! No rush though eh? lol

cylex said...

Dave: it's scary enough for me, i don't watch scary movie haha =P

Frankie: you said more than one are welcome, right? ^O^ haha, i'll paint more when i come up with other idea haha

Molotov Tiki said...
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Molotov Tiki said...

Great lighting Alex! BUT...you can find spooktacular fonts here:
There are some sweet looking ones you can add to really make this piece pop.